"There comes a time when writing down your thoughts and experience are inevitable. That time is now! Chopping blog will give you recipes, tips, tricks and pictures of what I'm cooking now, then and in the future. One thing I will be concentrating on will be seasonality and sustainability. Two things that are important to me. Where possible I will suggest local sourcing and supply options."

Take a look at the B13 Bespoke Catering Blog, Chopping Blog.  It's a relaxed look at my experiences as a chef over the years.

It looks at restaurant meals that I have reviewed, meals that I've cooked and cooking from my own personal experience as a father.  Also experiences as feeding a performance child athlete, meals during Covid-19 lockdown, recipes that I had been doing with a local family during one to one cookery lessons with them.

As I have developed as a chef within my career I have performed many roles, from Head Chef in a seafood restaurant to Exec Chef in a law firm and Development chef and Innovation manager within a school contract catering firm.  All of this experience and skills that I have gained whilst doing these roles has helped me within my own development as a Personal Chef in my own catering business. 

It has meant I have grown as a person and developed strengths and talents as I have gone along.  My latest skillsets that Iam developing are food writing and food photography, which are obviously displayed within the blog, but are now also featured within a series of local publications by Swan Publishing in the South Birmingham and Solihull areas.  They are fantastic local publications that promote local businesses and have a real ethical and social conscience about them.  Follow the link below to check them out and maybe even subscribe to them supporting another small business during these uncertain times.